Chiara, Stockholm, Sweden

“Lori is a wonderful and patient yoga teacher. She makes sure every moment is lived at its fullest and most importantly does that with a smile. Her yoga practice happened to fit my needs and nature quite well and I could see the improvements already after a few classes. The pace during practice allowed me to focus on my body more than any other classes I have taken and after a while I found myself able to almost “meditate” and let go of all the worries. The attention she has for all the small movements makes you feel safe and those tips (and her voice) will be in your head every time you repeat a similar movement, lessons for life, as any yoga teaching should be =)  I truly recommend her!”

Marlene, Berlin, Germany

“Lori is a wonderful, attentive, and highly experienced yoga teacher! I always felt very comfortable during and after her lessons.  I will always remember her empathic nature. Highly recommend her!”

Sami, Gothenburg, Sweden 

“Wonderful teacher that is always mindful about not letting you do anything wrong. In some sessions the balansing poses are hard when you keep laughing out loud. Sessions are calm and challenging and fits me nicely when I have my head and thoughts in the cloud. Since the classes are small, she can pay more attention to the yogis and help when the poses might be too challenging.  When doing yoga by myself I have her voice in my head pointing out the flaws when I feel the form lapsing.  As American author William Arthur Ward says… The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

Taz, Gothenburg, Sweden

“I really look forward to Lori’s classes. More now than ever because after an emotionally battering couple of days feeling at an all time low, I came away from yoga feeling renewed and restored both mentally and physically – ready to take on the world again. Thank you! Yoga is not just for the body and Lori makes it enjoyable, even on those days I don’t really feel up to it  🙂

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