Corporate Yoga

What is Corporate Yoga?

The goal of corporate yoga is to bring yoga to the workplace.  Corporate yoga is the wave of the future.  Google, Apple, Nike, Ericsson, and Forbes all offer it to their employees.  For many employees working a typical 9–5 job, there just are not enough hours in the day to get what they need done let alone exercise.  By bringing yoga to the workplace, it gives employees the opportunity to exercise without the hassle of commuting.  Modern society suffers from stress related illnesses such as anxiety, depression, headaches, and heart disease to name a few.  Ongoing research has proven that yoga can help and/or prevent stress related illnesses.

Corporate Yoga

How Does it Work?

We come to your place of work.  You, the employer, provide a room to accommodate a maximum of twenty students.

The Benefits of Corporate Yoga to the Individual

– Decreased stress on the job
– Increased energy
– Increased flexibility and stamina
– Saved time (no need to drive/commute to exercise)

The Benefits of Corporate Yoga to the Company

– improved productivity
– less sick days
– improved well-being of employees

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