Spring 2018 classes end the 29th of June for summer vacation and resume the 13th of August  🙂

Gentle Flow

cropped-img_8967.jpgGentle Flow combines the intensity of a traditional Hatha Yoga class with a sprinkle of restorative poses, breath work, and focus on relief from day to day 21st century ailments. All levels are welcome. Lori teaches with a love for alignment, safety, and a light heart. Welcome!!! Classes are taught in English.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is designed for the sole purpose of relaxation.  The focus is on the breath and gentle, passive opening of the body.  The class taps into the parasympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system leaving a calm, relaxed mind and body .  It is like a massage for the brain.  Classes are taught in English.

Prenatal Yoga

IMG_9117The benefits of prenatal yoga are endless from relief of insomnia and anxiety, to increased circulation, reduced swelling of the extremities, and increased breathing capacity. The gift of yoga to the expectant mother is the tool of breath control which is essential in the labor process. Prenatal yoga, above all, gives the expectant mama the opportunity to bond deeply with her baby.  It also creates a network of support. Please eat an hour before class and feel free to bring water to sip during class  We look forward to sharing this wonderful journey with you!!!  Classes are taught in English.

Mom/Baby Yoga

IMG_1535Beginning around six weeks after natural childbirth or a little longer for cesarean birth (midwife discretion), we offer postpartum yoga.  The focus is on gently restrengthening and energizing the body following birth, with emphasis on the pelvic floor, back, and abdominal muscles.  Babies are welcome and included in the practice!!  Classes are taught in English.



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